Leeka Papillon & Japanese Beauty

At the the heart of Leeka PapillonTM, a Japanese cosmetic brand established back in 1974, is the company's half century unwavering devotion to natural skin care and quality manufacturing. Aiming at providing affordable and high-performance products, all formulas have been designed combining science-led skincare with wellness. Consciously-packaged and cruelty-free, all products are gentle, suitable for delicate and even sensitive skin. 

Leeka Papillon's philosophy, as that of the Japanese Beauty rooted from centuries of tradition and meticulous craftsmanship culture, is all about empowering the long-trusted natural skincare ingredients with cutting-edge science and technology, through a minimalistic beauty routine.

1. Trusted natural ingredients:
Passed down for centuries, Japanese prefer their skincare gentle or delicate, with a ritual that consists of many natural ingredients that work wonders for the skin.

    Leeka PapillonTM whole heartedly embraces the long beloved natural treasures including the calming and nourishing Rice Bran, the moisturizing and skin-loving deep-sea Squalane, the cell-rejuvenating Plant Placenta, the metabolism-boosting Avocado Oil, the brightening miracle-mushroom Reishi, the soothing and healing Gromwell Root … the list continues.

    2. Meticulous R&D:
    The Japanese culture values precision and continuous improvement, which well explains why many of their products including Leeka PapillonTM cosmetics are on the forefront of technological advances in the beauty industry. The ground-breaking inventions have not only brought superior quality and efficacy to our products, but also strengthens the traditional ties between Japanese beauty and health, lifting old natural ingredients with new knowledge.

    3. Minimalism in beauty routine:
    Double Cleanse, Double Moisture. Japanese beauty philosophy is very close to their healthcare philosophy: they prefer prevention rather than cure. Simple but persistent everyday routine has been believed, and proved the most reliable way to achieve a healthy and beautiful complexion. Also, since every product is created with such high standards, that minimum products would already achieve maximum effectiveness. Why pile on?

    So, if you’re a fan of sticking to a few reliable products, or simply don’t have enough hours to indulge in long daily routines, Leeka PapillonTM could be a good option!