The Classic Japanese Skin Care Routine

The best rule of thumb is to apply skincare from the lightest or thinnest, to the heaviest or thickest. On top of the Japanese classic Double Cleanse, Double Moisture routine, the recommended order for Leeka Papillon products are as follows. But consistency is the key! A few steps a day, take years off your face!

Click on each step to find the products:

A gentle but deep Double Cleanse is the foundation in Japanese skin care.
Pre-Cleansing: Use an oil-based cleanser to remove makeup, sunscreen and sebum.

Cleansing: Use a foaming cleanser to remove leftover residue and replenish the skin barrier with hydrating ingredients. 

* As needed: Use masks 2~3 times a week according to your special needs and skin type:

Japanese take great care of "hydrating" and "moisturizing" by adopting Double Moisture steps.
Pre-Moisturizing: Aplly 
hydrating lotion to soften and prep your skin to absorb the product that follows:

A serum is what you want to invest in. Targeting skin damage and aging conditions, it's the most concentrated of all skin products:

* As needed: Due to the light consistency and easy absorbtion of Leeka Papillon treatment products, we recommend applying them before moisturizer:

Moisturizing: Apply an emulsion or cream to seal the hydration in, together with added nutrients:

Whatever the season, sunscreen is a MUST in your morning routine: